We aim to be the most valuable contributor and partner of India’s patient care team.


To change the perception of the community regarding purchase of medicines online making it a smoother, pleasant and rewarding experience. To make people aware about various health related concerns, educate them for the solutions and motivate them towards a healthier lifestyle.


Medsindia.in (an entity of Akana Technologies Pvt Ltd) has been founded by Kshitij Mittra who has vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Kshitij has studied management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management in Boston, USA and his last assignment was as Director-Operations in the UK for Whyte International Limited, engaged in sales and distribution of healthcare including pharmaceutical products in Latin America & Asia, & Wilcare Pharma Limited, engaged in registration, sales and distribution of generic pharmaceutical and OTC products in the UK and Eastern Europe.

Prior to his assignment in the UK, Kshitij was responsible for contract manufacturing and sourcing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products from India, Bangladesh and China operating out of Whyte International’s back office in Mumbai, India. His assignment also included an overview of regulatory back office in Mumbai.

Mr. Kshitij Mittra

Founder & CEO


Medsindia.in is an entity of Akana Technologies Pvt Ltd. It’s a next league diversification based on more than three decades of pharmaceuticals & ITES experience of its promoters and advisory board.

Medsindia.in, hence is a fervent outcome to redefine online pharmacy business as a trusted & credible Healthcare Aggregator in India-Delhi/NCR. Kshitij Mittra, an MIT Alumnus, is the founder and is responsible for steering its Strategy & Operations.

In less than 1 year, Medsindia has emerged as a healthcare companion committed towards No madness No rush pharma services at customers door step yet keeping everything very much affordable, including prescription medicines & products.

Medsindia is loved by its customers for its strong service oriented philosophy of “You ask and we have it all” for their health care needs at the comfort of their homes through Medsindia.in app or www.medsindia.in website.

With the mission of #NoMadnessWithMedsIndia, its dedicated team aims at enhanced credible online purchase experience of healthcare and medicinal products.

That makes MedsIndia more than just an online healthcare aggregator successfully driving its vision in action by pioneering path breaking service models like Senior Care Unit, On the Go Offers for super busy urban class, Hassle Free options, HappyMedsindia Programs and much more.

Its customers reckon Medsindia as a brand of care, more than just discounts with Doctor Assistance online, convenience of whatsapp ordering and recommendations list to save time.

Medsindia also commits to its customers the order fulfillments within 24-48 hours* of placing the orders or uploading the prescriptions from the doctor or a registered medical practitioner. It works on from the source/inventorymodel, which ensures affordable prices and timely delivery.

Medsindia.in is just a click away at info@medsindia.in. Become a #HappyMedsIndiaMember Now.


Medsindia.in has a team of highly qualified professionals including qualified pharmacists. The customer care team is well equipped to answer on the spot all the queries from the customers. Our team is built upon the following core values:





Ensuring timely delivery

Wide product range

Authentic products

Huge savings

*Depending upon the availability of products
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